Points Redemption Guidelines and Loyalty System


At Fanera, we've established a unique points system to reward our passionate sports fans for their unwavering support and engagement. This loyalty system aims to foster a vibrant community that truly connects with their favorite teams and fellow fans. We've designed this system as a token of appreciation for your commitment to the Fanera platform and your contribution to the collective fan experience.

1. Earning Points:

Users can accumulate points through a range of exciting activities that enhance their interaction with the platform. Engage by liking, sharing, and commenting on posts, publishing your own content, and even successfully predicting match outcomes. Each activity carries a specific point value, motivating you to stay actively involved and immersed in the world of sports and fan interaction. These activities are not limited to the list provided.

2. Redemption and Validation:

When you're ready to redeem your hard-earned points, we ensure a comprehensive review process. Our diligent evaluation checks whether you've adhered to Fanera's terms and conditions throughout your engagement. While this is not an exhaustive list, the validation process examines factors such as:

3. Fair and Transparent:

Fanera is committed to fairness and transparency. In the rare instance that discrepancies are identified during the review, your redeemed points may be adjusted accordingly. If points are deemed invalid due to actions against our terms and conditions, the associated gifts won't be transferred, and the points may be deducted. Depending on the severity of the situation, Fanera reserves the right to either activate or suspend accounts.

Through this loyalty system, we aim to foster a community of genuine sports enthusiasts who share the same passion and respect for the game. Thank you for being part of the Fanera family and contributing to the excitement that defines our platform.

Redemption Guidelines:

  1. Users earn points based on their engagement levels, redeemable for prizes ranging from $20 to $10,000.
  2. Points are non-transferable and redeemable only from the user's earning account.
  3. Points have a 12-month expiry period, and redemption activates once the required points are accrued.
  4. Redeemed points are non-refundable and are deducted from the user's total.
  5. Confirmation emails for redemption are sent within 3 days, requesting name, contact, and payment method.
  6. Unregistered email users can reach us via the in-app 'Contact Us' feature for assistance.
  7. PayPal payments are processed in 6 days; Amazon Gift Card instructions provided. click here
  8. Users are responsible for accurate payment details, and Fanera is not liable for payment issues.
  9. Delays or issues due to PayPal or Amazon restrictions are beyond Fanera's control.
  10. Fees, charges, and exchange rates for redemption are deducted from the prize's value.
  11. Defective prizes may be replaced within 5 days, with confirmation from Fanera.
  12. User behavior must align with Fanera policies; negative reviews may lead to suspension.
  13. Prizes with digital cards have expiry dates; no refund after expiry.
  14. Prize quantities are limited; Fanera reserves the right to withhold prizes due to unavailability.
  15. Violation of policies may lead to account suspension or termination, resulting in point loss.
  16. Account suspension/termination may result in point loss.
  17. Non-response to Fanera's communications within 30 days may lead to loss of redemption opportunity.

For concerns, reach out to Fanera via marketing@fanera.co

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