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Redemption of Points

1. Fanera rewards its Users with points depending on their levels of engagement with the Platform. The Users can then redeem these points from their account against a variety of prizes which range from $20 to $10,000.

2. The points can only be redeemed from the User’s account in which they were earned. These points are non-transferable and as such, cannot be transferred to the account of other users.

3. The points can be redeemed at any point in time but all points expire within 12 months of getting such points. However, the option to redeem points will only activate for a given prize once you have enough points to avail of such a prize. Different prizes can be redeemed against certain redemption of certain points. To redeem the points, you only have to click on the total number of points and then on the prize you wish to avail. The redeemed points will be deducted from the total points and the balance will be reflected accordingly.

4. The points are non-refundable. Once the points have been redeemed, they will not be refunded in any circumstance whatsoever.

5. Once the points are redeemed, our team will send a detailed email to you within 3 working days of such redemption to the email address provided to us while you had created your account on Fanera. We will require you to provide us with your (i) name; (ii) contact number with country code; and (iii) preferred payment method (i.e., PayPal or Amazon Gift Card).

6. If you have not provided your email address while setting up the Fanera account, you should promptly contact Fanera directly through the ‘Contact Us’ feature in the in-app menu. You will also receive a notification in the application prompting to provide the missing information.

7. If you choose PayPal as your preferred payment method, then the payment will be sent within 3 working days.

8. Amazon Gift Card can be used by following these instructions: click here

9. You shall be solely responsible for providing complete and accurate details of your preferred payment method. Fanera shall not be responsible for any delay or failure to make the payments due to the User’s failure to provide such complete and accurate details.

10. Fanera shall not be responsible for delay or failure to make payments due to issues or problems with the User’s PayPal accounts or the restrictions regarding the User’s Amazon Account.

11. Any and all fees, charges, sums and exchange rates in relation to the redemption of the points shall be deducted from the prize of the User for which the points have been redeemed.

12. The User agrees and understands that it shall not be possible for Fanera to return or replace any prize until and unless it is shown that there is a material problem with the prize. The User will accordingly be compensated with a similar prize of the same value within 5 working days if Fanera in its sole discretion is of the opinion that there is a material problem with the prize.

13. If there is any issue with the gift card or codes, the User shall comply with the steps mentioned on the card. In the event the issue does not get resolved, you may contact the customer support team. We will endeavor to resolve the issue within 7 working days.

14. All digital cards come with an expiry date. Fanera shall not be responsible for refunding the value of such cards if they have not been used prior to its expiry date.

15. You shall at all times comply with the policies of Fanera, and not use the prizes in any way which is deceptive, misleading, harmful, or unfair. The prizes might be canceled without any refund, without prejudice to other rights of Fanera, if it has been suspected that the prizes have been obtained illegally on in violation of this document or other policies of Fanera.

16. The User hereby agrees and understands that all prizes are available in limited quantities. We reserve the right to not give prizes due to their unavailability.

17. The User hereby agrees and understands that if it writes a negative review about the Platform after not complying with its policies, displays inappropriate behavior towards the Platform or disparages or defames the Platform in any manner whatsoever (including the display of such actions on social media platforms), the User is at a risk of having the account suspended or terminated.

18. The User hereby agrees and understand that it will lose all the points in the account if its gets suspended or terminated due to violation of the policies of Fanera.

19. The User hereby agrees and understands that it is at risk of losing its chance to redeem the points if the User fails to respond to any communications of Fanera within 30 days of its receipt.

20. If you do not receive an email from Fanera with the Amazon Gift Card Code within 5 working days of redemption of the points, or you have any questions or concerns, you should promptly contact Fanera via